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Florian Staben
Name: Florian Staben

Nickname: Flow

Lives in: Hamburg

Age: 24 (25) 3.8.1990
Sport activity’s: kitesurfing, windsurfing, mx, mtb, snowboarding, usw

Group function: First try!! I am that guy who tries Things First which are not possible at the first view. I am the oldest member but defenitly not the one who says stop during stupid actions.

Describe yourself: At the first glance I am the calmest member but just until the action starts. I can't wait to try crazy things which aren't save or ready to try.

I like to throw my friends over fences when I am drunk. I need two seats in mostly every car because I am wider than tall, that's why nobody wants to drive with me in one car.


Wodka downing champion since 2007

Some good results at German nationals years ago