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Gerrit Pudschun
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Name: Gerrit Pudschun

Nickname: Bubbles / Jettison

Lives in: Germany, Düsseldorf

Age: 20
Sport activities: Kiteboarding,  Wakeboarding and Skateboarding

Group Function: I’m forced to try everything, sometimes it works, sometimes it hurts. Keep the guys motivated for partying.

Describe yourself: I have no clue about what I’m doing but I try my best. A few months ago my friends got me to start Kitesurfing. Water, extreme sports and travelling is what I’m all about.

I'm doing kitesurfing and wakeboarding for some months and I only progress when I crash. Friends inspire me and make me break my limits. My real talent is partying and introducing beer in every situation.


-Beerpong champion at Silas birthday party!