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Joshua Lütke-Laxen
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Name: Joshua Lütke-Laxen

Nickname:Big Josh/ for the ladies Joshi

Lives in: Germany

Age: 23

Sport activity’s: Kitesurfen, Wakeboarden, Surfen, Snowboarden and Crossfit

Group Function: If you see me by night, run and hide! I always have some mad ideas up my sleeve. It's gonna get hot. One of the main challenges for me this trip is gonna be detaining Flo from putting all of his plans into action as well as putting food other than chips, Nutella and toast onto the athletes plates.

Describe yourself: I'm that guy who doesn't fear to take a risk. That stuff you'd never thought someone would do? I will do it! Craziness is my hobby and I doesn't only bring in a cheeky attitude but I also don't have to hide my skills in the water". I’m the guy who steals your food when I’m hungry.


4. Platz: Kitesurf-Trophy    Overall  (2010)

3. Platz: Kitesurf-Trophy    in Dahme Freestyle (2009)

2. Platz: Kitesurf-Trophy auf Rügen Best Trick (2007)

36710. Platz: Crossfit Open WOD 3