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Linus Erdmann
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Name: Linus Erdmann

Lives in: Hamburg, Germany

Age: 18

Sport activity’s: Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Skateboarding, Motorcross and Snowboarding. Simply almost any boardsport!

Group Function: Leader of the Gang (in my dreams). Mostly I’m the guy how try’s anything first because Max “usually hurts himself” (that’s always his excuse, but nothing ever happened). I try to keep the “nagging / hate fight’s” between the cam boy’s and the crew under control.

Describe yourself:  I always look annoyed/angry (because there’s always something that pisses me off). My goal on the trip is to be the only one who drive’s my car, to bring it back home safe. I usually don’t speak much, because the others talk more than enough. If someone tells me to do something crazy, I mostly try it. It helps to get rid of my fears.


3x German champion

2. Place Europe Tour (Junior)