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Max Petrat
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Name: Max Petrat

Nickname: Maddex

Lives in: Düsseldorf, Germany

Age: 20

Sport activity’s: Kitesurfen, Wakeboarden, Snowboarden, Longboarden,

Group Function: I am that guy with these crazy ideas you need the right crew for ! I am focused to do things where people say ‚this cant work‘ and I like to stress people who are already pissed.

Describe yourself: I am very motivated and passionate for Kitesurfing, but not for waking up. I like to build massive sliders, getting afraid while putting them in water, noticing that they are impossible to ride while riding and crash hard on my way to the shallow water.

My main goal for this trip will be to keep everybody away from my food and to get Gerrit home with at least only one foot left (swore this to his mum).
I hope to have a good time with the crew, experience unique memorable moments and that nobody will crash my car again.


2nd Place German Nationals Fehmarn / Mens Division 2015

3rd Place German Nationals Fehmarn/ Mens Division 2014