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Cam Girls:
Fabian Soltwedel
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Joe Louis Peters
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Functions: We are supposed to film and take footage in a professional way, instead we are drinking beer. We don't know how, but it works. From now on we are part of the COTS crew and we are very happy that the guys take us with them.

personal identification:

Fabi :
Sometimes I am too tired to walk, so I sleep some hours to wake up and realize that I’m tired again. After a long sleep and some beers I try to take some footage, after another long nap I then try to put it together and here we go.. It works !

Louis :
I do the most part of the work. Nobody knows that, but its ok. It is for the crew, I like my crew. I also like to shoot some nice girls, I like girls. Most of the day I spend to wake up Fabi or tell him to take some footage.