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The name “Children Of The Sea” represents a casual, fun and extreme lifestyle which we mostly live in but also out of the water. In the water we deliver jaw-dropping performances with kites, surfboards and jet skis, on land we raise a few eyebrows with motorbikes, mountain bikes and skateboards. We aim to surprise, push our sportive limits in a creative way on a daily basis and live the dream most parents wouldn’t support. Our crew consists of five guys who know each other for years and are well established in the kite surfing scene, but also in other extreme sports. Whatever we do, we always give 100%.
Our road trip represents our everyday life and sportive lifestyle. In the past years we realized that many people are amazed by our sports performances and attitude which is why we decided to share our idea of the perfect lifestyle with others.

The „Ultimate Road trip“ starts on the 1 August 2015 and ends in Sankt Peter Ording at the world championships (30 August 2015).

We’re planning on starting in Hamburg (Germany) at the birthday party of Florian and then head over to France’s western coastlines, Spain (Tarifa and eastern coastlines), France again (eastern coastlines) and back to northern Germany for the VKWC.
Depending on wind and water conditions we might change our route and layovers at the spots.
We are all super stoked for this awesome adventure which we’ll probably never forget and hope that you will enjoy footage we’ll deliver!